Yoga for all


Yoga Diem is an analogy of the Latin ‘Carpe Diem’, meaning ‘Seize, or pluck the day’, an exhortation to live life to the fullest, make the best of the here and now.

But how can we make this a meaningful journey without it becoming a disconnected string of frenzied actions?

Through Yoga we clear our inner vision, create the power to deeply listen and cultivate inner stillness. We then awake and refine our awareness until we recognise our unlimited self, apart from the amazing boost of energy from the wellbeing gained with it! And this consciousness is what makes the difference. So, let us Yoga Diem and live life to the fullest, delivering excellence in all that we do with awareness, focus and compassion.

Our Yoga Diem Programme is tailored to foster a happy and healthy mind, body & soul and aim to help you unleash your potential and self awareness through courses, workshops for companies, talks, outdoor meet-ups and give you food-for-thought in our blog

Courses for all

✫ Yoga for mother/father and baby    All abilities Babies from birth to crawling  No previous experience needed   1.15 hr sessions.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 16.00-17.30, Quaker meeting rooms, Blackheath

Prices8 wks (x2/week): £140.00  8 wks (x1/week): £80.00  Second partner: £40.00  Drop in: £12.00

This course offers a safe space where mothers/fathers can practice yoga postures (asanas), many of them especially chosen to aid mothers tone the muscles involved in labour, but also beneficial to everybody, do breathing exercises and learn relaxation techniques. Most importantly, you will have a place where you can bring and stay with you baby, help him/her go through a baby yoga routine and be sure that baby will be listened to and cared for at all times. Time will be given to share with other parents, thus building a support network perhaps for years to come.

✫ Mixed adults groups  continuous all year round  ✫mixed abilities ✫ total beginners welcome ✫1.30 h sessions,

The classes start with chanting the ‘tuning in’ mantra to connect with the universal energy and start warming up with yoga postures and movements drawn from various traditions such as hatha, iyengar or kundalini yoga. A short talk follows to inform about the work and focus of the day. The main part of the class consists of a ‘kriya’