Baby massage

At Yoga Diem, we aim to integrate holistic care at all stages of life. That is why, at our Flourishing Baby chapter we offer courses for baby massage and baby/parents yoga (see timetable at relevant page); also please ring us to enquire about our Home Pregnancy Massage!

Flourishing Baby is proud to deliver the most comprehensive curriculum set by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) which includes the special colic routine.

All classes are open to fathers, mothers and primary care givers.

Price per course (5 sessions, 1.5 hrs): £70.00

Suitable for all babies from birth to crawling



      1.  Blackheath Quaker Rooms, Lawn Terrace, London SE3 9LL, UK

      2. Blackheath Community Centre     


      1.  St Barnabas with Christ Chapel, 40 Calton Avenue, SE21 7DG

      2.  East Dulwich Community Centre, Darrell Road, SE22 9NL

  GROVE PARK (Discount applies):   Private address     Please contact for further details

✓ FATHERS SESSIONS on Saturdays!   Mothers welcome    Please ask for details

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What to bring to your course

Your course includes a complementary bottle of organic sunflower oil, a Parent’s Handbook with detailed instructions and illustrations, relevant articles and refreshments. We also provide mats, just bring a towel for your baby to lie on.

Want to know more about it? Great! Just read on…

About the courses

Parents who come to our 5-week courses learn much more than confidently massaging their baby in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

At flourishing baby you will be carefully guided through each stroke whilst also learning to recognise your baby’s feedback, thus growing in confidence, observation and relaxation, three important ingredients for you to create the happy and serene environment for your baby to flourish. 

In our classes, only you massage your baby whilst the instructor demonstrates on a doll. We ask permission from the babies before massaging and always follow their cues. This helps develop communication between you and your baby, as well as feelings such as trust and respect.

Our classes are baby-led, so if your baby falls asleep or needs a feed, a nappy change, or is having a tearful moment, it is all fine! you will be given your space to attend these needs and will be offered the possibility to practice on a special doll, so you do not miss anything. Furthermore, there will be many opportunities to catch up, as strokes are reviewed each week and handouts are given as a reminder.

Flourishing baby follows the comprehensive IAIM curriculum, which covers touch, movement, relaxation, interaction and communication, plus the special colic routine.

Groups are kept small and friendly and include time for informal parent discussion where you can exchange ideas and experiences.

Who are our classes for?

All babies from birth to crawling

All parents and primary caregivers

At flourishing baby we care for life.


Our instructors are fully qualified by the International Association of Infant Massage (members at UK Chapter)





Our instructors are also accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

We are fully insured and have DBS clearance